Monday, October 26, 2009

Some Things Never Go Out of Style

I remember the day like it was yesterday....putting on those white bell bottom jeans with the 1/2 inch vertical stripes for the very first time; rockin my way cool 70's hair cut ( just over the tips of my ears was all my Dad would allow) and getting ready to hang out with my super cool friends. If by chance we ran into some girls from our class-- well it would make our day and probably our school year worth the while. It doesn't get any better than that when your in the 8th grade !
A few months later , those super cool bell bottoms were no longer cool and my closest compadres would all scatter to different High Schools. Straight legs were now "in" and one would not be caught dead in bell bottoms jeans least freshmen guys in 1973 looking for a new posse to role with.
Many fads have come and gone since then ( remember tie dyed t-shirts ?) - even in the church , things that were once cutting edge now are a relic and have lost their luster. Youth Roller skating nights , pie baking fund raisers and "having the preacher over for dinner" seem to be a thing of the past.
But let me tell you one thing that will ALWAYS be current and never out of style...small group fellowship !
For nearly 2000 years , the people of God have enjoyed " koinania " (christian fellowship) one with another from " house to house". In every generation ( going back to the time of Peter and Paul ) the church has relished the opportunity to share life over a meal...or in our day- a cup of Starbucks freshly brewed coffee.
However , it's not the coffee or the coffee cake that compels us to come's the love of Christ and our deep desire to connect that drives the process. It doesn't matter your personality type , family backround or where you came from....its Christ we have in common , and the Bible says he's the same , yesterday , today and forever !
Maybe you were in a small group at one time in your christian experience , but it's been a long time since you've connected in real , meaningful fellowship with your brothers and sisters in Christ. It's time to blow of the dust of the past and make "re-entry" into the circle of fellowship once again.
Alot of things have come and gone over the years...but true christian fellowship is alive and well and happening all around you ! So...step out and try it again. It may be just what you're looking for.

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